Welcome to Christian Impact Ministries' SaltBlog ...

    For over 21 years of ministry with Christian Impact Ministries (CIM), we have seen many changes occur within this God-birthed evangelistic ministry. From January 1996 to May 2010, CIM produced, printed and mailed out our monthly ministry newsletter, "Savior's Seasonings," to over 1200 families, churches and Christian businesses. We did so as a primary means to help keep Christians informed of today's issues through the spiritual prism of a Biblical worldview. Ironically, watchman-type ministries such as CIM need to be able to expeditiously alert today's families to current events and issues that today often change multiple times within the span of a few hours. Understanding the growing impact of the digital age of news and social media, we began to see an expanding time lag / delay in the status of current issues from the time we produced the newsletter stories until the moment it reached the hands of our ministry constituents - often no shorter than four weeks. That amount of time delay is no longer acceptable in the advent of the technologies of today and the ever-increasing pace of news events in the 21st Century. So in the context of our trying to utilize every means available to us to deliver our ministry resources in a timely, efficient and most cost-effective manner, we launched this website (SaltBlog) which replaced our longstanding print edition of Savior's Seasonings newsletter in early 2011. The purpose of this SaltBlog assists us in our God-given role "to help evangelistically equip believers to be informed on the spiritual and moral issues of our day and to be equipped with the Biblical tools and opportunities for responding in faith by Christ-centered action." (1 Chronicles 12:32) In this God-assigned role, we understand that the Lord has uniquely called this timely ministry to serve as His Spiritual "Watchman on the Wall" just as Isaiah 21:6-7 declares, "Put a watchman on the city wall. Let him shout out what he sees ... let the watchman be fully alert!"  Due to a technical glitch  with the host of this  Blog, we lost most of the data  which we had posted and accumulated over several years. In this interim period, we created a FaceBook page for this ministry and posted  timely articles using that form of social media for the purposes of expanding our ministry 'footprint' and perhaps reaching a wider audience. For the
present time, we will utilize our FaceBook page as our primary posting site  until this SaltBlog is               re-designed and re-populated with new, more current articles. Thank you for your understanding. 

We would humbly covet your prayers for us as we continue the journey of this challenging, timely and prophetic ministry work of CIM "for such a time as this." (Esther 4:14) Thank you so kindly for praying for our family and for helping us continue this ministry by financially supporting the critical mission work of CIM for today's family and God's church. Please know that we are a
501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and your gifts are fully deductible as allowed by law. Your obedience to God's leading to financially support this ministry endeavor will help sustain the operational expenses associated with continuing this timely prophetic ministry work for today's family and will as a valuable means of God's provision for our family in this full-time calling / kingdom service! Thank you so kindly!

    Please direct all correspondences, to include scheduling inquiries for revivals / guest preaching / speaking engagements along with your generous gifts of support (should you so feel led), to:
Christian Impact Ministries
Post Office Box 416
Hudson, North Carolina 28638-0416

Special Note ... The Lord has blessed me with the calling to serve as a Church Planter / Lead Pastor for nearly 9 years with two great church plants, +1.5 years as a Lead Pastor in a revitalization church work, 1+ year as an Interim Lead Pastor and 3 years as as Associate Pastor; this in addition to ~21.5 years of serving as an Evangelist-Revivalist with CIM and around 7 years of serving as the V-22 Lead Proprotor Systems Engineer for the U.S. Navy (i.e. civilian under DoD at then NADEP Cherry Point, NC). Presently, our family is currently seeking the Lord's Will for His direction for my next mission assignment in the area of Pastoring / Shepherding (Jeremiah 3:15). If you know of a New Testament church that is seeking a Lead Pastor or a Church Planter, please feel free to pass that notice along to us at the contact address listed above. In addition, I am currently available for guest/supply preaching / revivalist engagements / interim pastorate considerations and Church Consulting as the Lord leads. We are eagerly awaiting to see God's newest "journey" in the days ahead! Thank you so very much for your prayers and faithful support of our family's kingdom calling and of the special continuing ministry work of Christian Impact Ministries! ...Selah! 
(An updated ministry resume with references/testimonials is available upon request to Pastor Search Teams / Elders who have interests in ministry speaking engagements and/or the consideration for my serving as a candidate for an available Lead Pastorate opportunity. DVDs of past preaching engagements are currently unable to be uploaded on this website due to bandwidth-restrictions (i.e. file size limits), but they are available upon request by snail mail! Thank you so kindly!)